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About Investors Preferred

Who We Are

Investors Preferred Life Insurance Company of South Dakota is a specialized insurance company offering private placement life and annuity products for the affluent investor. We provide customized solutions for investors concerned about the effect of tax erosion on their investment portfolio. IPL was cofounded and capitalized by the Haddock Family, which has long advocated for utilizing private placement life insurance as an important financial tool for wealth accumulation and transfer.  They are advised by SunGate Capital LLC, which implies the long term strategic perspective the investors have for the business.  SunGate Capital, LLC is a single family owned private equity company based in Winter Park, Florida.  It is the advisor to the SunGate Companies, the Haddock Family and its Trusts and Foundations and oversees investments in the areas of insurance, technology, healthcare, education, sports, real estate and banking as well as charitable, conservation, and other initiatives.


We founded our company because we care about our clients.  Our goal was to create a private placement insurance company that created offerings for a broader market, putting the customer and their investment goals first.  We come from a place of “yes,” striving to find solutions that help our clients accumulate wealth.  Private placement insurance is the only thing we do, and we do it well.  By enhancing the legacy of our clients, we enhance our legacy, and will be here for as long as our clients need us.


President Alan Jahde, JD, LL.M (taxation), is a veteran tax attorney and former co-founder of an offshore private placement insurance company. The Board of Directors, all accomplished professionals, is comprised of actuaries, a tax and insurance attorney, and former and current owners of insurance firms and businesses. Investors Preferred’s management team focuses on high net worth individuals at both RIA and brokerage firms.


We build and foster client trust by operating under the highest ethical standards. Being a small private company allows us to be quick and nimble, open to new ideas and provide true customization with a personal service. We are careful to adhere to existing tax code regulations while providing innovative and thoughtful solutions.